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Gentle efficiency on the skin

cymedics diode+_SK
The cymedics diode+ acts on the basis of selective photothermolysis and targets melanin from a process point of view. The pre-programmed settings make its operation very easy and safe.
In order to take into account the different experiences of users, cymedics diode+ offers two different modes of application. Firstly, the user sets
the person-specific data, such as skin type, gender, body area, hair density, hair colour and hair thickness. The cymedics platinum+calculates from this the respective parameters to use. Now the proposed power settings can be changed in the basic mode, while – in addition – experienced users can vary pulse length and frequency in the special mode.

See some of its features:

3 wave length in one handpiece: 755 nm, 810 nm, 1064 nm

Permanent hair removal through innovative, low-frequency laser application in motion. Skin-protecting and safe methodology by skin cooling using TEC-cooled lens.
Easy and safe handling thanks to automatic settings for all indications and types of skin.
Individual settings for experienced users allow further refinement to achieve the best possible results.

Particularly durable and safe-to-use filter made of high-quality sapphire glass.
Hand-piece with integrated water cooling: cooling-down periods are not necessary, because the laser filter is cooled down to 0 – 5 °C.

Thus, the application can be carried out more quickly and the number of treatments per day can be increased.
Life time of lamp: virtually unlimited (up to 10 million pulses).
Reliable. Made in Germany.

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