cymedics acute myogen

  • Unbelievable successes using the innovative bio-cybernetic procedure, based upon an extensive empirical database. Precise identification of the present symptoms and fast pain reduction are possible.
  • Single-channel-mode as well as multi-channel-mode (up to 8 channels) applicable.
  • Treatment schemes with suggestions for positioning the multi-channel electrodes in different pathologies.
  • The wide-ranging spectrum of applications allows a broad pallet of symptoms and / or a large circle of patients to be treated.
  • Satisfied patients thanks to the fast relief of symptoms.
  • Optimal use of equipment and fast amortisation thanks to variable application times. The actual treatment can be carried out by qualified personnel, allowing an efficient and profitable division of labour in practical terms.

The fast pain killer

Inflammatory processes of chronic or acute origin, torn muscle fibres and strains, rheumatic / arthritic discomfort, sports-induced injuries, headaches or migraine, as well as many other lesions – probably everybody knows of these from their everyday life and may have experienced them or similar pain.

cymedics acute myogen provides quick relief via fully automated treatment programs, using bio-equivalent stimulation.

Model: cymedics acute myogen
Mains cable wire cross-section: min. 3 x 0,75 mm²
Operating voltage: 100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption during operation: max. 200 W
Fuses for blackbox: 2 x T1600 mA
Fuses for equipment trolley: 2 x F10A
Max. current output (in treatment mode): 600 μA
Frequencies: 0 – 100 Hz for complex waveforms
Applied part: Type BF
Protection class: IP 10




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