cymedics premium io

  • Immersion monitoring
  • Over-Treatment-Protection and therapy monitoring
  • Dose limitation
  • Protection function against short circuit
  • Max. 60 V or 35 mA
  • Electronic timer

Iontophoresis for sweat reduction

This cymedics premiumio tap water iontophoresis device is intended to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) affecting hands, feet, face, back/ neck and underarms. Any other use or usage beyond this scope is considered unintended use and may have dangerous consequences.

During the cymedics premiumio iontophoresis treatment, a current flow through the body regions that are being treated. The water in the trays or pads mediates this current flow.
The skin areas in contact with the water will thereby secrete less sweat.

Medical researchers believe that the electrical current irritates the synapses between sweat-inducing nerves and sweat glands to such an extent that sweat glands can no longer be stimulated. Although treatment success has been validated in numerous medical studies, there is still no completely satisfactory scientific explanation for the mechanism of action.

In other words: the treatment does not affect the sweat glands directly. It only affects the nervous input to these glands.

This effect explains why the original condition returns relatively quickly when the treatment is discontinued.

The treatment current can be adjusted according to your individual sensitivity. There is no risk involved as the current cannot exceed certain limits.

Model : cymedics premium io


Display-Tolerance Treatment Voltage (Dose) ± 2 V
Treatment Current ± 1 mA
Treatment Time ± 1 %
Dimensions W x H x D 190 x 49 x 137 mm
Mass 0,5 kg
Power input


Input Voltage 12 V
Max. input Current 500 mA (Fuse)
Input Power Max. 6 VA
Environment – Storage and Transport Temperature -25°C to +70°C
Rel. humidity 30% to 70%
Air pressure 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
Environment – Usage Temperature 10°C to 40°C
Rel. humidity 30% to 70%
Air pressure 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
Output Treatment Voltage 4 – 60 VDC
Max. Current 35 mA
Treatment Current 0 – 30 mA (5 mA reserved for the device)
Max. output Power 225 mW
Pulse repetition frequency[1] 9.9 kHz (pulsed Current only)

[1] Applies only to devices which have the current type pulse current (PC) or variable pulse current (VPC).

AC Power Adapter: Friwo FW8002M12

Input Input Voltage 100-240 V~ / 50-60 Hz
Max. Current 400 mA
Output Nominal output Voltage 12 VDC
Max. output current 0,6 A
Max. output Power 8 VA


  Material Dimensions
HF-Electrodes 1.4301-2b (Stainless steel)


EN AW 5754 (Aluminum)

34,5 x 11,5 cm
AX-Electrodes Silicone conductive rubber 9 x 5 cm
pH-Buffer None


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