cymedics premium

  • One system for multiple treatments:
  • - breast lift
  • - skin tightening
  • - wrinkle reduction
  • - cellulite treatments
  • Excellent long-term results
  • Non invasive - pain free
  • Intuitive user menues
  • No side effects
  • Stainless steel probe tips
  • Optical feedback system
  • Color touchscreen
  • Easy handling - automatic settings
  • Photostation included
  • Computer controlled (Windows 7)

Biocybernetic tissue revitalisation
Congenital or acquired aesthetic weaknesses (e.g. after pregnancy or a diet) and the natural ageing process take their aesthetic toll. With cymedics premium you can successfully control this – without any intervention or pain – and with documented results.

cymedics premium provides an innovative and highly effective treatment method for virtually all problem areas of the body. This is based on a computer-controlled biocybernetic procedure that aims to restore an energy-related equilibrium in the areas of the body being treated. The origins of this can be found in traditional Chinese treatment methods. The body’s energy-related potential is measured in a closed-loop system using the bioelectric frequencies of different characteristics and compared with our empirically determined database (that you can visualise as a map of all electrophysiological potential in the human body). This generates an optimum improvement model for each individual and aligns the actual and desired energy-related states.

A specially trained application specialist strokes the surface of the skin with a probe using a paraben-free electrolytic gel. Cymedics premium stimulates the selected areas of the body. The treatment is gentle and completely pain-free. Your customers only feel the pleasant massage – and will be happy with the rapidly visible and long-lasting results.

The intuitive touch screen surface makes it easy to use – just like the unique intelligent probes that provide immediate feedback if probe to skin contact is interrupted. Our probe heads, manufactured
from medical-grade stainless steel, meet the highest allergological and antibacterial demands.

The pleasant way to beauty

Model : cymedics premium
Frequency width : Carrier / Basic frequency: 0.25 ± 0.05 Hz
Switching frequency : 1–625 Hz
Output : Max. 100 mW, ≤ 500 μA, max. 60 V
Control range : Skin conductance value 3.2 –75 kΩ
Power connector : 100 -240 VAC / 50-60Hz
Maximum power consumption : 50 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 73 cm x 61 cm x 127 cm incl. panel PC / 73 cm x 61 cm x 133 cm incl. probe holder
Weight : approx. 50 kg
Applied part : Typ BF
Protection class : IP10

  • cymedics repairs disorder in the energetic balance
  • Bio-cybernetic method for lifting and body shaping by Dr. Horst Frank
  • Abstract of the results by Katriina Ojamo and Orlin Mitcheva.
  • Statement by Dr. W. Norek after several years of experience with cymedics
  • Derma Tronnier Premium

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