cymedics yaoteq

  • Electro acupuncture
  • For systematic desease and prevention
  • Fast recovering from symptoms
  • Total comfort during diagnosis and therapy
  • Less points to be treated (only 3 points)
  • No damage to tissues
  • No fear of needles
  • Ideal for children
  • Time saving

Yaoteq is the perfect conversion of research in the field of medical energetic system controlled by computer BESRAC Technology. This device is of advanced technology using Descrete FFT Fast Fourier Transformation. The device is able to measure the energetic activity present in the body and evaluate the right quantity of energy flow into the organs of the biological system to reestablish the equilibrium.

The Yaoteq is able to evaluate the balance of organic and energetic consumption of individual organs to evaluate relationships related to pathological events. Once identified the origin of the energetic unbalance the system will define in a complete decision autonomy the criteria for recovery of equilibrium lost in pathology. Sophisticated algorithms developed in real time mode will restore a better balance of the system.

Model : cymedics yaoteq
Switching frequency : 0.4 –100 Hz
Output : max. 15 mW, max. 100 μA, max. 30 V
Power connector : 100 -240 VAC / 50-60Hz
Maximum power consumption : 50 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 73 cm x 61 cm x 127 cm incl. panel PC / 73 cm x 61 cm x 133 cm incl. probe holder
Weight : ca. 50 kg
Applied part : Typ BF
Protection class : IP10




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