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cymedics is ICADA certified
ICADA is a European service and lobby organisation for SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) in the field of



  1. Association service in the area KVO, relevant laws for the market, technology, science, marketing, training, cooperation, EU consortiums for substances and utilisation category, partnerships, shared exhibition stands, joint PR-efforts, joint publications, lectures for the industry…
  2. Image campaigns, market education with SMB aims, marketing support by a premium-quality label (Functional Cosmetic, natural cosmetics, exclusive institute label, global ethics …)
  3. Lobby in Bonn, Berlin, Brussels and Strasbourg for economic and political interests of SMBs (e.g. SMB facilitation of safety evaluation, extension of annexes, reduction of German surveillance to European level…)

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Get more information about ICADA here: www.ICADA.eu